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Coming from Fabrizio Romano, This is a very big opportunity and possibility that Sheikh Jassim is still set to acquire Manchester United, as a result of the secret provision that the Glazers have included. Even in the case that Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s purchase is finalized, he would be unable to prevent it from happening.

Should the Glazer family opt for a permanent departure from Old Trafford, they hold the leverage to compel Sir Jim Ratcliffe to offload his shares in Manchester United.


Ratcliffe currently awaits the finalization of a £1.3 billion deal to acquire a 25% stake in United. This not only allows the Glazers to retain a foothold in the club but also grants Ratcliffe influence over its decisions.


As part of the agreement with the Glazers, Ratcliffe would have the opportunity to make the initial bid should the Glazers decide to sell all their shares. However, the Glazers retain the prerogative to reject Ratcliffe’s offer and sell to a higher bidder, thereby necessitating Ratcliffe to sell his shares too.


Upon completion of Ratcliffe’s acquisition, the Glazers hold the authority to sell the entire club and oblige Ratcliffe’s Trawlers Ltd company to do the same. Yet, they are prohibited from soliciting fresh proposals for United until at least a year post-takeover.


Ratcliffe aims to assume control by mid-February, with plans to inject £300 million into the club’s operations post-transaction, signaling his commitment to the venture.

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