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“HE Needs to leave my Club this moment with immediate effect I don’t want to see him anylonger – Chelsea owner Todd Boehly has instructed Pochettino to get Rid of Chelsea FLOP player.

Despite Thiago Silva managing to net a late consolation goal for Chelsea, Cunha bagged two more goals in the second half to complete his hat-trick, compounding Chelsea’s misery.


As pressure mounts on Pochettino, Chelsea supporters are increasingly frustrated with their star players, particularly Raheem Sterling, who has struggled to perform since his £45 million transfer from Manchester City eighteen months ago.


During Sunday’s match, with 20 minutes left on the clock, Chelsea fans expressed their disappointment with Sterling’s performance as he was substituted. His failure to convert a promising chance earlier in the second half drew criticism, with a significant portion of the home crowd jeering him as he left the pitch.


The negative reaction towards Sterling was further amplified on social media, with fans expressing their discontentment with his performance and questioning his status as the highest-paid player at the club. Comments ranged from labeling him as “terrible” to calling for his departure from the team.


In the eyes of some supporters, the four-time Premier League winner has become “insignificant” and is no longer worthy of wearing the Chelsea jersey. The sentiment among a vocal section of fans is that Sterling’s underwhelming performances justify the criticism he receives.

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