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“We have a W*R to prepare for, PSG can’t qualify on my watch” – FC Barcelona Manager Xavi Hernandez pumped for Barcelona vs PSG Champions League Clash as he makes fellings clear

Before Barcelona’s game against Cadiz on Saturday, head coach Xavi Hernandez made nine changes to the starting group. He did this with the upcoming second leg of the Champions League quarterfinal against Paris Saint-Germain in mind.

Even with the changes, Barcelona still won 1-0, with Joao Felix getting the game-winning goal.

Felix did a great job, and Xavi praised him for his skill and addition to the team’s victory. He talked about how comfortable Felix was on the field and praised him for working hard on his own to secure the win.

Xavi talked about how excited and determined he was for Tuesday’s game against PSG.

Barcelona only needs to avoid losing to make it to the semi-finals of the Champions League. Xavi stressed how important the next game was. He called it a “war” and stressed that the team was ready and in great shape for the important game.

Overall, Xavi’s smart choices paid off against Cadiz, and he showed his excitement and confidence for Barcelona’s Champions League match against PSG.

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