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Etihad stadium is my play ground and it’s going to be a do or die game, I’m very sure they’re going to lose points and I will definitely score hattrick’: Man city Star Erling Halaand sends strong message ahead of their clash with Real Madrid

Before the thrilling Champions League match between Manchester City and Real Madrid, all eyes were on one man: Erling Haaland. The huge Norwegian striker had been in amazing shape all season, frightening defenders all over Europe with his lightning-fast speed and dangerous finishing.

Even when the media frenzy got really bad, Haaland stayed calm and collected, giving off an air of quiet confidence. When asked about the game against Real Madrid coming up, he just smiled and said, “Real Madrid will be shocked by my performance at the Etihad stadium.”

The comment shocked everyone in the football world, and both experts and fans were looking forward to what was sure to be an amazing match.

As soon as the referee blew his whistle, Haaland became horny. He planned every step he took and every touch he made. Haaland caused a lot of trouble for Real Madrid’s back line, making their players chase shadows.

Will this work, since the Madrid defense also wants to stop him?
What do you think will happen?

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