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Marcus Rashford receives a stern warning from Gary Neville following the most recent incident involving Manchester United. This is a sad news. But am sure rashford will be sorry for his mistakes. Gary Neville gave his some warning and advice that can help him in Manchester United also

Rashford’s performance for Manchester United was stellar last season, arguably placing him among Europe’s top attacking talents. However, this year, his form has plummeted, compounded by off-field issues.


Neville, speaking to the BBC, expressed genuine concern about Rashford’s image being tarnished by these incidents. At 26, Rashford’s penchant for partying at inopportune times has drawn criticism.


Neville cautioned that if Rashford doesn’t improve his off-pitch conduct, it could define his career. United fans hope Rashford can overcome this setback and regain his previous form.


With Erik ten Hag at the helm, it remains to be seen if he can unlock Rashford’s full potential at Old Trafford.

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