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ROBBERY OF THE YEAR. Clear Penalty For Chelsea after a rough tackle, and the Referee Says No!

After a contentious incident in Liverpool’s match against Chelsea, the hashtag “LiVARpool” became viral.

In the 23rd minute, Diogo Jota found the back of the net after he managed to squeeze himself past Chelsea’s defence.

However, Chelsea felt they should have been given a penalty after a collision between Virgil van Dijk and Conor Gallagher, just moments before Jota scored.

Even after the Liverpool defender took down the Blues midfielder inside the area, the player still managed to get past him.

However, video assistant referee Paul Tierney did not signal the penalty area, so the on-field call stood.

As a result of the incident, Chelsea fans expressed their displeasure with the decision online.

A user from X wrote: “LiVARpool strikes again.”

“How can this not be a penalty for Gallagher?” said a second Twitter user. Again, LiVARpool is involved.

Someone else said, “LiVARpool are a f**king disgrace.”

“Totally ridiculous,” a fourth one snarked. It’s LiVARpool all over again.

Someone else wrote: “LiVARpool does it again.” Unreal. If Liverpool were to win it this year, the Premier League would be overjoyed.

Even worse for Chelsea, Conor Bradley doubled Liverpool’s advantage with a low shot just before halftime.

After a slew of scandals this season, the Premier League is reportedly planning to make significant changes to VAR starting with the 2019–20 season.

In the months after September’s erroneous decision to unjustly deny a Liverpool goal against Tottenham for offside, VAR has been scrutinised.

Then, prior to Arsenal’s goals against West Ham and Newcastle, there were two distinct incidences concerning the question of whether the ball had gone out of play. The goal was valid on both occasions.

The decision to not give Arsenal a penalty in their match against Liverpool due to an apparent handball also aroused eyebrows. On the ‘Match Officials Mic’d Up’ show, PGMOL chief Howard Webb acknowledged the mistake.

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