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Marcus Rashford, a renowned player for Manchester United, was fined 6,500,000 pounds for missing training, although he claims that he was sick buh that was a big fat lie . The main reason has just been confirmed by the most trusted Fabrizio Romano The fans can’t really believe this and they are very much disappointed on him ‍♂️

Marcus Rashford, representing England in soccer, could face a hefty fine of £650,000, equivalent to two weeks’ pay, for skipping training and socializing. The Manchester United player’s two consecutive nights out in Belfast might lead to consequences.


There’s talk of imposing a £650,000 penalty on Rashford for his partying and absence from training. The star player seems to have enjoyed two evenings out during the week.


Due to his alleged illness, Rashford missed training on Friday. Consequently, he was absent from Manchester United’s FA Cup victory over Newport County.


Manager Erik ten Hag hinted at internal issues within the team and vowed to address them. United stated that Rashford was unwell and remained at Carrington for recovery training.


Despite earning £325,000 weekly, Rashford visited Belfast to see his friend Ro-Shaun Williams at Larne FC. He was reportedly spotted at Thompson’s Garage club on Thursday, contradicting claims made to United.


According to sources, Rashford initially denied partying before training. However, evidence suggests otherwise, leading to disappointment among management.


This isn’t the first time Rashford faced disciplinary action. In November, ten Hag criticized his post-defeat partying, and in 2022, he was sacked for being late to a team meeting.

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