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There is a possibility that Jadon Sancho will return to Manchester United, but there is a condition. Jordan Sancho contacted Eric ten hag and told him he’ll be back at Manchester United.. But on a condition he said.

A recent report from Football Insider suggests that the English winger could see a path back to the first team of Manchester United. However, this opportunity hinges on the potential departure of Erik Ten Hag from his managerial role.


Jadon Sancho, aged 23, found himself loaned back to Borussia Dortmund during the January transfer window due to a public disagreement with Ten Hag over his training performance. Despite efforts from Dortmund’s sports director, Sebastian Kehl, securing Sancho permanently seems improbable, hinting at an eventual return to Manchester.


With Sancho’s contract at Old Trafford running until 2026, United faces a looming decision regarding his future. If recent reports hold true and Ten Hag, whose contract extends to 2026, exits the scene, Sancho could be in contention for a first-team spot again.


The recent acquisition of a 25 percent stake in Manchester United by Sir Jim Ratcliffe, a British billionaire, adds a new dimension to the situation. Ratcliffe’s influence over sports decisions could lead to a pivotal choice between the manager and the £73 million-valued number seven player.

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