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“When I left Dortmund 9 years ago, the club I wnated to join was Manchester United I never knew I will coach Liverpool. But I was shocked about what happened. It has been a secret but it’s time for the fans to know”-Why Jurgen Klopp didn’t jend up coaching Manchester United before joining Liverpool despite admitting he made a very big mistake.

Nine years ago, when I left Dortmund, my sights were set on Manchester United. Little did I know that fate had a different path in store, one that led me to become the coach of Liverpool. The story behind why Jurgen Klopp didn’t end up at Manchester United before joining Liverpool is finally coming to light.


Jurgen Klopp, the current manager of Liverpool, had the chance to join Manchester United before eventually opting for Liverpool in 2015. Klopp, who recently announced his decision to step down from his position at Liverpool at the end of the season, explained that he felt it was time to move on due to feeling drained of energy after nearly eight years at Anfield.


Despite the surprise of Klopp’s departure, his tenure at Liverpool saw remarkable success, including winning the Champions League in 2019 and securing Liverpool’s first Premier League title the following year.


However, the story could have taken a different turn. Back in 2013, when Klopp was managing Borussia Dortmund, he was approached by Sir Alex Ferguson, then-manager of Manchester United, about potentially taking over the reins at Old Trafford. Klopp declined the offer, citing timing concerns, before eventually joining Liverpool two years later.


Reflecting on the decision, Klopp mentioned, “It was a significant honor, the entire discussion, to be honest. However, I couldn’t leave Dortmund.” Despite not receiving a concrete offer from United, Klopp felt compelled to finish his commitments with Dortmund before considering other options.


In the aftermath of Klopp’s decision, Manchester United appointed David Moyes, whose tenure was short-lived, lasting only 10 months before being sacked. The outcome could have been vastly different had Klopp chosen to join United, a scenario that Liverpool fans are undoubtedly grateful never materialized.

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