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Report shares whether Mauricio Pochettino could now be sacked by Chelsea after Wolves defeat

Chelsea is reportedly contemplating terminating Mauricio Pochettino’s contract following their recent loss to Wolverhampton Wanderers. The team suffered a 4-2 defeat at Stamford Bridge, adding to their woes after a 4-1 loss to Liverpool earlier in the week. Consequently, Chelsea has plummeted to 11th place in the Premier League standings, prompting scrutiny on Pochettino’s leadership.


According to sources, there is growing speculation within the media about Pochettino’s future with the club. TEAMtalk suggests that Chelsea’s management is seriously considering dismissing the 51-year-old coach. The hierarchy is said to be deliberating on Pochettino’s position and weighing the consequences of his continued tenure.


The report underscores the precarious situation Pochettino finds himself in, emphasizing the possibility of his swift exit from Stamford Bridge. Despite being only seven months into his tenure, Pochettino’s performance is under intense scrutiny, with his job security now in jeopardy.

In light of these developments, Chelsea’s decision-makers are expected to proceed with caution, mindful of the implications of any potential managerial change. Pochettino’s fate hangs in the balance as the club assesses its options moving forward.

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