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“He faced a similar issue like Cristiano Ronaldo, which could potentially lead to his departure from the club. However, both Erik ten Hag and the club seem to be ignoring the problem. After the Manchester United vs. Wolves match tonight, Rashford’s teammate expressed concern, hinting that there might be underlying issues affecting Rashford’s performance, similar to what led Ronaldo and Sancho to leave the club. This trend is indicating a decline in Manchester United’s stature recently.”

Following Rashford’s absence from United’s FA Cup match against Newport County due to illness, the team secured a victory. The illness prevented him from participating in training on Friday.


Manager Erik ten Hag referred to it as an “internal matter” and mentioned dealing with it without confirming any disciplinary actions. Reports surfaced of Rashford’s presence in Belfast during a team day off, including sightings at a nightclub.


United Football Club released a statement indicating Rashford’s acknowledgment of his actions, concluding an internal disciplinary investigation. There’s speculation of his return for the upcoming Premier League match against Wolves.


While Rashford’s teammate Conor Coady expressed concern, noting a lack of clarity surrounding the situation, he refrained from making definitive judgments. Coady emphasized the complexity of the issue, suggesting various factors could be at play, including personal well-being and support within the club.


Despite Coady’s positive interactions with Rashford, he acknowledged the discrepancy between media portrayals and his personal experiences, highlighting the need for clarity and understanding amid public scrutiny.

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