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VAR cheated Manchester City!? Watch How Brentford Offside was awarded as a gaol. – truly the England Referees are against us The are always against Manchester City to win the Premier League, Even Manchester City players on the pitch had to be told what the rule was

In Monday’s match, Neal Maupay controversially scored for Brentford against Manchester City, taking advantage of a 21st-minute goal kick by Mark Flekken. Despite City players disputing offside calls against Maupay and Ivan Toney, Sky Sports pundit Seb Hutchinson clarified that both players’ positions were in line with the rules. Hutchinson emphasized that Toney’s involvement from the goal kick was permissible, given that players cannot be offside in such situations. Despite City’s dominance with nearly 70% possession and 17 shots in the first half, Phil Foden eventually equalized by converting a poorly defended header. This setback did not halt Maupay’s scoring momentum, as he extended his streak with goals in three consecutive league games, including matches against Tottenham and Nottingham Forest.


Additionally, the controversy surrounding Maupay’s goal was compounded by his replication of James Maddison’s goal celebration in a previous match against Tottenham. Despite the individual achievement, Tottenham emerged victorious with a 3-2 scoreline, leaving the 27-year-old striker somewhat embarrassed after his celebratory gesture. The match showcased both Maupay’s scoring prowess and the resilience of Manchester City, ultimately culminating in a competitive and eventful encounter on the football field.

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