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It has been confirmed that the English FA has changed back. A goal scored by Manchester United versus Liverpool FC was disallowed, and the team was awarded three points for their performance. How could this even be possible Buh let’s just be glad that this has finally happened

In contrast, Carragher jestingly attributed the credit for trophies won by a right-back to Martin Edwards rather than Sir Alex Ferguson. He also teased Andre Onana for his struggle to maintain a clean sheet.


“Turns out it wasn’t Sir Alex Ferguson stopping our Premier League wins, but Martin Edwards,” Carragher quipped, responding to Neville’s analysis of United’s loss to Brighton.


Neville’s retort, “Are you still here after your Onana piece?” appeared to counter Carragher’s suggestion that the goalkeeper criticized Harry Maguire to win over fans.


Carragher added, “Even more so after today! Request that he refrain from flailing his hands at the players and instead make use of them to save some shots.”


United’s season has been challenging, with three losses in their last four games, except for a win against Nottingham Forest.


Although Qatar and a group led by Sir Jim Ratcliffe have made bids to buy the club, the Glazer family is considering selling, but the process remains prolonged.

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