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Man Utd vs Aston Villa: Complete head-to-head recordAlthough they reached their highest point in English top-flight football at very different times, Manchester United and Aston Villa.

In 1888, William McGregor, a Villa club board member, conceived the idea of a structured football league while at a Villa supporters’ coffee shop. Villa dominated, winning six trophies by 1910. Fast forward to a century later, Manchester United led a significant shift in English football with the Premier League, claiming 13 titles in its early years. Despite Villa finishing first once, United clinched the championship. The rivalry between the two teams spans periods of dominance.


In 1930, Villa crushed United 7-0 even without their top scorer, Tom “Pongo” Waring. United struggled, losing their first twelve matches, a record in Europe until 2017. The 1957 FA Cup final saw Peter McParland’s decisive goals for Villa, overshadowed by a collision that left United’s goalkeeper concussed. McParland’s response to reminders of the incident? “No, I’m the one with the winner’s medal.” Even decades later, it’s a moment he can’t shake off.

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