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“I had exactly the same issues Marcus Rashford was having now at his age before I became the highest goal scorer in England. If he tries to stop this things, he will become the best Manchester United player, if not he will end leaving the club”-Alan Shearer finally revealed what will help Marcus Rashford to get back to his best form if he stop doing these things he mentioned.

Alan Shearer has delivered a direct message to Marcus Rashford following his absence from Manchester United’s FA Cup match against Newport County. Rashford, who cited illness for missing training, was allegedly seen at nightclubs in Belfast despite his reported ailment. The 26-year-old visited his friend Ro-Shaun Williams in Northern Ireland but faced scrutiny for his nightclub appearances before flying back to Manchester the next day.


Erik ten Hag, Manchester United’s manager, declined to elaborate on Rashford’s absence, labeling it as an “internal matter.” However, Alan Shearer, a BBC pundit and former footballer, expressed concerns about Rashford’s behavior, urging him not to squander his talent. Shearer emphasized the need for strong management to guide Rashford and warned of potential regrets if his conduct continues to affect his performance on the field.


Shearer’s comments echo his previous remarks from November, where he observed Rashford’s discontent and speculated about the underlying reasons for his poor form. He highlighted Rashford’s contrasting demeanor between his performances for England and Manchester United, suggesting possible dissatisfaction with the club’s direction and recruitment strategies. Iii

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