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“His composure on the ball is on another level and top notch, he is a big threat to Manchester City defenders- Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola Says extraordinary Player will be a big problem for City. “Exceptional players are always more than welcome in the Premier League.”

Pep Guardiola expressed admiration for Ivan Toney ahead of Manchester City’s match against Brentford. The striker recently returned after an eight-month suspension, and Guardiola acknowledged his talents in handling long balls, set pieces, penalties, and free kicks. Guardiola is pleased with Toney’s comeback, highlighting his impact with 20 goals last season and recent performances. He emphasizes the need for caution in facing Toney, emphasizing City’s defense must be at its best. Additionally, Guardiola notes Brentford players should be wary of Erling Haaland’s return for City, recognizing the mutual goal-scoring threats.

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