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“Even his teammates are tired of his ERRORS”: Arsenal Star explains reason for Ben White attempt to slap Zinchenko as Gunners survived a narrow escape against Forest yesterday

Ian Wright believes that the Premier League season is coming to an end with the recent match between Ben White and Oleksandr Zinchenko after Arsenal defeated Nottingham Forest 2-1.

Even though they had played one more game than the leaders, Arsenal managed to pull within two points of Liverpool in the league after a tense contest at the City Ground.

Mikel Arteta’s team came away with a vital three points thanks to goals from Gabriel Jesus and Bukayo Saka in the second half, but a furious argument between Zinchenko and White spoiled the post-match festivities. The argument started because of the Ukrainian international’s purported participation in setting up Taiwo Awoniyi’s Nottingham Forest goal.

When Ian Wright gave Premier League Productions his analysis of the incident, he accepted that there was clearly a disagreement but saw it as an expression of the passion and competition as the season was coming to an end. Wright emphasised Zinchenko’s sensitive side by saying that, despite the disagreement, the team’s fundamental unity will win out as they try to find a solution.

According to Wright, the altercation is a sign of the high levels of anxiety and erratic feelings that come with the season’s last few episodes. The pressure increases as teams compete for vital points and league places, resulting in on-field altercations and verbal clashes. Wright underlined the significance of conquering these obstacles, acknowledging that managing intense emotions is a necessary ability in the later stages of a taxing season.

In his post-match press conference, Mikel Arteta expressed satisfaction with his players’ emotional performance, echoing a similar feeling.

The manager of Arsenal views the altercation as a symbol of the team’s expectation of excellence from one another. Even though the event can overshadow a crucial three points, Arteta is grateful for the players’ dedication to correcting defensive mistakes and coming up with answers.

Arteta underlined that the contentious discussion shows the team wants responsibility and progress. Although he acknowledges the gravity of the situation, he thinks it shows that the team’s expectations are higher than their current level of performance. According to Arteta, they should have secured a clean sheet and a more convincing scoreline considering their performance.

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