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Coming from FABRIZIO ROMANO this Evening Manchester City Skipper Erling Haaland has left Ethihad Stadium this Evening to Join Shocking European football Club.

Giovanni Galli suggests that if he were Pep Guardiola, he would consider letting Erling Haaland go from Manchester City to bring in Dusan Vlahovic. Galli believes that Vlahovic, formerly with Fiorentina, could be a more suitable choice despite both players being hailed as top young strikers before joining Juventus and Manchester City, respectively.


While Haaland thrived in Serie A with Fiorentina and set records in the Premier League with Manchester City, Vlahovic’s impact at Juventus has been less spectacular. Galli argues that Haaland benefits more from Guardiola’s system, providing him with numerous goal-scoring opportunities compared to Vlahovic at Juventus, where the playing style is more conservative.


Despite Vlahovic’s decent goal tally at Juventus, Galli’s recommendation to replace Haaland with him seems controversial, as he contends that Haaland remains the superior striker. Galli’s reasoning is perceived as puzzling, possibly influenced by recent events or a personal preference for Vlahovic.

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