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Premier League have just announced the shocking VAR Error By referees of Manchester City VS Chelsea- Manchester City denied late penalty as Pep Guardiola’s side drop points in title race.

In anticipation of the Premier League clash between Chelsea and Manchester City, Cole Palmer, who spent over a decade at City before making a move to Chelsea in the recent summer transfer window, radiated excitement about returning to face his former team. The 21-year-old midfielder, showcasing an impressive performance with 14 goals and nine assists in 31 games for Chelsea, was visibly joyful as he greeted former teammates like Kyle Walker, Rodri, and Erling Haaland. Despite Palmer’s positive reception, the practice of players engaging in such friendly exchanges before matches has come under scrutiny, particularly from Sky Sports analyst Roy Keane. Keane, known for his intense competitive spirit during his playing days with Manchester United, criticized the modern trend of players embracing camaraderie before crucial games, emphasizing the need for a more focused and battle-ready mindset.


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Keane, an authoritative voice on player interactions, notably pointed out a similar incident involving Andre Onana and Aaron Ramsdale embracing in the tunnel before a match between Manchester United and Arsenal in September. Expressing dissatisfaction with the changing dynamics in player behavior, Keane emphasized the ethos of preparing for battle when stepping onto the field. His perspective sheds light on the evolving culture within football, where moments of camaraderie before intense matches are viewed through the lens of a bygone era, contrasting sharply with the competitive spirit he embodied during his illustrious playing career.

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