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Paul Pogba has suggested the possibility of returning to Manchester United, with the club reportedly open to his comeback pending certain terms. Talks have progressed, particularly with Casemiro’s departure plans, leading to expectations of Pogba reuniting with the team by January’s end. The news has certainly stirred excitement among Manchester United supporters.

Paul Pogba, the former Manchester United midfielder, has expressed interest in a potential return to the club, responding to calls from fans urging his comeback to Old Trafford.


Pogba’s second stint at United, after being reacquired from Juventus in 2016, didn’t meet expectations, leading to his departure back to Juventus last summer due to an injury that sidelined him. Despite recent challenges faced by Juventus, including a transfer scandal and a mid-table position in Serie A due to a 15-point deduction, Pogba remains attached to the club, emphasizing his contentment despite the setbacks.


While there have been murmurs among United fans about Pogba’s return, it seems unlikely given his lingering resentment towards the club and the controversies surrounding his departure.


Pogba’s time at Juventus hasn’t been smooth either, with recurring injuries keeping him sidelined for a significant portion of matches. Reports suggest Juventus might explore options regarding Pogba’s contract, including renegotiation or even termination, though the club’s COO has denied such plans, emphasizing Pogba’s importance to the team.


Despite the uncertainties surrounding his future and ongoing injury woes, Pogba remains a significant figure in the football world, albeit facing challenges both on and off the pitch.

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