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Manchester United paid very close attention to an ivory coast defender in the African cup of nation final.. Wow Manchester United boss sent scouts to Africa so they can find him a good player. this is a great move for Manchester United. The player we’re talking about here is a very talented one. And was among the people that made their country win the AFCON last night.. I Pray he accepts to join Manchester United.. It will be awesome.

United has clinched victory in three of their recent five Premier League matches, and their winning streak could extend further with a win tonight.


After United’s game, many fans may shift their focus to the Africa Cup of Nations final between Ivory Coast and Nigeria.


Tonight marks the end of a thrilling tournament, with all eyes on one player, Odilon Kossounou, as United scouts closely monitor his performance.


Kossounou, a standout defender for Bayer Leverkusen, aims to secure a starting spot tonight after being benched in previous matches but making impactful contributions when given the chance.


Despite Ivory Coast’s struggles in the group stage, Kossounou’s performance against Senegal earned praise, and now he seeks to shine in the final, potentially catching United’s attention even further.


Reports in January hinted at United’s interest in Kossounou for a summer transfer, given his promising displays in the Bundesliga.


Tonight’s match presents a perfect opportunity for United to assess Kossounou’s abilities against top competition, particularly against elite striker Victor Osimhen.


If Kossounou handles the pressure of the final and performs well against Osimhen, United may become more inclined to pursue him in the summer transfer window.


Described as “quick” and a “complete defender,” Kossounou’s versatility and defensive prowess make him an enticing prospect for United.


Tonight marks a pivotal moment for Kossounou to showcase his talent on a global stage, with United closely observing in anticipation of a potential bid in the upcoming transfer window.

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