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“I wouldn’t work with them. They are the reason the club sacked my very good friend who coach at Manchester United. Yeah he definitely told me the players that caused his departure…” – Sir Dave Brailsford will bring polar opposite approach to Manchester United players as he plans to set the club free from infected players.

Sir Dave Brailsford has delineated his strategy for collaborating with elite athletes, offering a fresh perspective for Manchester United supporters. As he assumes a key position on the United board alongside Sir Jim Ratcliffe, the 61-year-old’s experience in orchestrating transformations at Ineos, alongside Jean Claude Blanc, promises to be instrumental. With a storied history in British Cycling, particularly during its golden Olympic era, Brailsford remains fixated on achieving incremental advantages at the highest levels of athletics.


In contrast to Manchester United’s traditional approach of prioritizing top-tier talent without necessarily evaluating their mindset and commitment, Brailsford underscores the importance of mental resilience and industriousness in attaining peak performance. Regarding his approach to exceptionally gifted athletes lacking the requisite drive, Brailsford asserts, “In our realm, collaboration wouldn’t be feasible. Personally, I wouldn’t engage with them. I’d offer support courteously, but effective partnership would be improbable without dedication and determination.”


“At a younger age, talent might suffice to elevate performance significantly. However, at the pinnacle of competition, where several individuals boast comparable levels of talent, consistency in delivering peak performances becomes crucial. Achieving excellence on a consistent basis, especially when it truly matters, necessitates more than just raw talent. Even the most exceptional talents are typically characterized by deep commitment, unwavering dedication, and an insatiable drive for success.


While many United supporters may favor tangible actions over rhetoric, given their recent experiences with Ralf Rangnick, Brailsford’s influence is anticipated to be substantial. His relentless pursuit of marginal gains across all facets of the game is expected to steer United towards selecting and retaining players who embody the requisite commitment for success.”

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