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“People have been asking why Paul Pogba didn’t thrive at Manchester United but this was the main reason. Its not the fans but what Jose Mourinho used him to do made him….”-Richard Keys claims Jose Mourinho used Paul Pogba to purposely get sacked by Man Utd as he revealed what he did that made him mid at the club

Richard Keys alleges that Jose Mourinho deliberately orchestrated his own dismissal from Manchester United by strategically handling Paul Pogba. Upon his arrival in 2016, Mourinho took the helm at Old Trafford, succeeding Louis van Gaal. Under Mourinho’s tenure, Manchester United secured victories in the League Cup and the Europa League, and clinched a second-place finish in the Premier League during his second season.


However, the 2018/2019 season marked a downturn for Mourinho, as the team struggled early on. Following a 3-1 loss to Liverpool, Mourinho was relieved of his duties. Keys, in his blog, asserts that Mourinho confessed to intentionally engineering his exit by manipulating Pogba’s situation, revealing, “He once confided in me that he anticipated his dismissal from United for benching Pogba in three consecutive matches – exploiting Pogba’s high market value at the time. It was all premeditated.”


Keys is skeptical about Mourinho’s rumored return to Manchester United, questioning the notion of “unfinished business” given Mourinho’s admission that he regretted taking the job initially. Instead, Keys suggests that Mourinho could find success elsewhere, possibly even returning to Chelsea, where he remains revered by fans despite his tumultuous history. Keys also entertains the idea of Mourinho making a move to Newcastle or potentially resolving Chelsea’s woes, considering Mourinho’s recent departure from AS Roma in Serie A. He concludes, “Mourinho still has much to offer. While Newcastle is a possibility, Chelsea fans hold hope for his return, as the club remains Mourinho’s spiritual home.”

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