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He is a good finisher, and I’m wondering why Arsenal didn’t finalize his deal in January. Pep Guardiola enthused about the £70 million striker Arsenal wanted to sign

In the past few months, Arsenal has been linked with a move for Ivan Toney, and now Pep Guardiola has praised him.

The Gunners did not sign anyone in January, and neither did many other teams. They couldn’t because of FFP rules, but they plan to spend a lot of money on a striker this summer. Arsenal will likely be very interested in Toney after that.

Pep Guardiola liked Ivan Toney, who is wanted by Arsenal.
After being banned for a month, Ivan Toney came back to play football last month and has been great for Brentford in the Premier League since then.

The English player scored against Nottingham Forest in his first game back and then again against Tottenham Hotspur.

Toney would love to score three goals in a row, but his team’s next game is against Manchester City, who is the best team in the world.

But that doesn’t mean Toney can’t score against City; he can, and Pep Guardiola knows how good the striker is.

GuardiansTV claimed that Guardiola praised Toney at a press conference today: “He’s an exceptional player, not just with long balls, but also with set pieces, penalties, free kicks, and many other things—they can link with him.”

He is a very good player. He’s back now, and I hope that time in his life, with his family, and in his mind is forgotten.

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