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He is 26 years old and he is still doing that? It shows that’s he doesn’t want to stay at the club anymore”-Roy Keane slams ‘idi-ot’ Marcus Rashford and reveals how his Man Utd dressing room would have treated him

Roy Keane has expressed his views on Marcus Rashford’s recent behavior, indicating a need for the Manchester United forward to take more accountability. Rashford’s absence from training due to reported sickness coincided with his night out in Belfast, leading to his exclusion from a crucial FA Cup match against Newport.


Keane, speaking on the Stick to Football podcast, emphasized Rashford’s senior status in the team and the importance of owning up to mistakes, drawing from his own experiences as a player. Despite Rashford’s stellar previous season, his current form has been lacking, raising concerns about his enjoyment of the game and his spot in England’s Euro squad.


Keane highlighted the pressure on Rashford but stressed the necessity for him to rediscover his passion for football and deliver for Manchester United.

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