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Coming From Fabrizio Arsenal have placed Gabriel Jesus for sale after a move for £50M was agreed on ‘elite’ goal scorer as he’s set to be removed from Champions League squad

If Mikel Arteta and Edu are successful in acquiring a highly sought-after player for a move to N5 this year, the Brazilian player’s situation will become even more hazardous. He might potentially lose his status in the team.

Arsenal is actively looking for international possibilities to improve their goal-scoring prowess. Arsenal is one of the teams interested in acquiring Joshua Zirkzee, a very talented young forward from Bologna, according to an Italian report from Corriere Di Bologna.

Other teams including Tottenham Hotspur, Aston Villa, and Newcastle United are in competition for Zirkzee, although the source names Arsenal and Manchester United as the main rivals.

But Arsenal might have to contend with Bayern Munich’s possible involvement in addition to competition from Manchester United. The Bundesliga winners have an exclusive buyback option with Bologna that is estimated to be worth approximately €40 million (£34 million). Even though the German giant is interested, Arsenal is willing to provide a competitive price of about £40 million for the 22-year-old.

Zirkzee’s prospective addition to Arsenal’s roster is being compared to the team’s current attacker, Gabriel Jesus, from Brazil.

Jesus is appreciated for his skill and contributions to Arsenal’s assaults, but if the squad is to contend for the title, they must find a more reliable finisher. Even at his young age and relative inexperience, Zirkzee is already outperforming Jesus in terms of goal-scoring efficiency.

When looking at their league results this season, Zirkzee has eight goals and two assists from 20 appearances, while Jesus has three goals and two assists from 16 games.

Zirkzee’s outstanding goal-scoring powers are highlighted by the underlying stats, which go beyond these superficial statistics. Zirkzee has a superior actual goal per ninety figure and a more efficient goal-to-shots ratio, both on target and overall, whereas Jesus has higher predicted goal and assist figures and more shots on target.

Furthermore, Zirkzee’s confidence in his ability to finish is demonstrated by his willingness to attempt shots from farther away while still outscoring Jesus. Zirkzee has the ability to develop this strength even further with the correct coaching.

There are suggestions that Arsenal should press for a board decision to make a bid in the upcoming week as Zirkzee’s talent and potential continue to be demonstrated. Arsenal’s pursuit of this bright young player is indicative of their dedication to strengthening their team and addressing the critical need for a more clinical goal scorer in their quest to snap a two-decade title drought.

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